Liepaja Marina

4.5 m

Liepaja Marina

Max. LOA:
60 m

Liepaja Marina

Max. width:
15 m

Liepaja Marina

Number of berths:

* Depths and heights measures in metres, in reference to mean sea level (BHS-77)


Liepāja is the 3rd largest city of Latvia, and yacht marina is located in the Trade Channel almost in the very city center. The charm of Liepāja is concealed in its special atmosphere. Perhaps a bit restrained and harsh, yet also noble and rebellious. Today Liepāja is a modern, contemporary 21st century city with a global reach proven by not only the large number of international competitions and performances by local and international artists, but also the modern and innovative companies and services that they provide.

The fairway starts from the first pair of buoys, No. 1 and No. 2 (56°31,38000’ N; 20°54,11000’ E). Between the buoys you will see the central leading line (red); proceed by course 068°. After passing buoy No. 5, alter course to 112° and keep to the green leading line to south entrance. After passing green buoy No. 15, alter course to pilot leading line (green light), course 153°, and proceed forward, then alter course to portside and keep to the middle of the channel. Keep going till the end of channel. The marina is located at berths 80 and 81 on the starboard side of the channel, near a bridge.