Narva-Jõesuu is most famous for its eight-kilometre-long white sand beach lined with pine trees. It has been a popular spa resort since the 19th century due to it being located very close to St. Petersburg (150 km). After Estonia regained its independence, the spas started to invest in renovation, and nowadays it is a popular destination among both foreigners and Estonians.

Exposed to and dangerous to enter in strong N-W winds and swell. Entry must be cleared by Estonian Coastguard VHF ch 16 or phone. Flow speed in the river ~1 kn.
From Narva-Jõesuu safe water buoy 59°28.68′ N; 28°00.97′ E (LFl W 10s) follow the unlit leading line 105.3° – 285.3° to Narva-Jõesuu safe water buoy B 59°28.57′ N; 28°01.90′ E (LFl W 10s). Follow lateral spar buoys to Narva 5 starboard-hand buoy 59°28.29′ N; 28°02.54′ E 200 m (Fl G 3s) and follow the Narva-Jõesuu river leading line 162.0° – 342.0° (Iso R 2s – Iso R 4s). Take care not to deviate to port – Russian territorial waters.