Although Ventspils marina is located in quite industrial part of the city, in the central part of city you will feel a breath of Europe. Ventspils is so friendly for families with children, it is a capital of flowers and fountains; all over the city, you can find colourful cow sculptures, but streets, parks, squares and courtyards are decorated with flower sculptures, figurative flower compositions and tasteful flowerbeds.

The port of Ventspils can be identified from a considerable distance by the tall church spire, located in the town centre on the S side of the river. Currents in the river average 1 kn, increasing to 2 kn near the entrance. The current sets N or S along the coast in the port entrance, depending on the wind. The NW approach channel leads SE from lighted buoy “B” (57°28’.52 N; 21°25’.91 E) to the Ventspils Outer Harbour, protected by two breakwaters, N and S. When entering the harbour, turn into the fishing harbour and marina – it is located on the S (left) side of the Venta River. Ventspils Marina offers 110 m of mooring at a depth of 3.5 m. Tides are insignificant, but the water level fluctuates with wind conditions and may differ by 0.3 m above or below the mean.