East Baltic Coast – one of the main destinations for Baltic sailors and a network of more than 70 harbours, located in no more than 50 nmi from each other.

Always being part of the maritime history of the Northern Europe, today’s Estonia and Latvia succeeded to retain the charm of Hanseatic cities and preserve its virgin nature and cultural heritage, meanwhile offering to sailors the modern facilities and wide range of services in the harbours. Coastline of Latvia and Estonia forms a joint sea basin and one of the four main sailing destinations in the Baltic Sea – East Baltic Coast. There are excellent preconditions for benefitting from maritime travel and developing tourism since the coastline and islands carry unique cultural and natural heritage, untouched nature and well-developed sailing infrastructure.

The diverse shoreline of the East Baltic Coast is washed by mighty waves of the open sea in Kurzeme and meets the calmer waters of the Gulf of Riga and the Gulf of Finland. It really does not matter if you are looking for the white sandy or the rocky beach or would like to sail around islands – you will find it here. Sailing in the East Baltic means discovering the appealing fishing villages, multiple areas untouched by civilisation, imposing port cities, vibrant capitals – Tallinn and Riga, as well as popular resort towns and its gourmet restaurants.

Our team is formed of marketing, tourism and sailing professionals representing:

– Riga Planning Region and Kurzeme Planning Region in Latvia
a subordinated public entity under supervision of the Ministry of Environment Protection and Regional Development dealing with planning and coordination, tourism development, public administration in the area of public transportation in compliance to its competence, cooperation among municipalities and other state administration institutions.

Estonian Small Ports Development Center
non-profit association representing Estonian port authorities and sailors. The aim of the development center is to contribute to the construction of the network of Estonian recreational seaports, to promote co-operation between ports and to introduce Estonia as a recreational sailing destination among both foreign and domestic sailors.

Promoting and marketing of the sailing destination of the East Baltic Coast is part of the Interreg EST-LAT and Central Baltic programmes’ projects:

  • Modern and attractive small ports network through cross-border interactive information system, joint marketing, and improved port services (SmartPorts), 01.10.2015. – 30.09.2017.
  • Improvement of sailing infrastructure and yacht harbours network building in Estonia and Latvia (EST-LAT Harbours), 01.06.2017. – ongoing.
  • Improvement and promotion of the East Baltic Coast harbours network (East Baltic Harbours), 01.09.2020. – ongoing.

The projects contribute to the implementation of the EUSBSR policy area “Tourism – Reinforcing cohesiveness of the macro-region through tourism” and the achievement of the EUSBSR objective “Connect the region”.

East Baltic Coast Partners