“The Green Connections of the Blue Waters”

Last week, on the 25th of August, the East Baltic Coast team organised and held a conference “The Green Connections of the Blue Waters.The Baltic perspective” in Riga, Latvia.
The conference was important for the region and its development regarding coastal and marine tourism as well as harbour network and cooperation.
At the conference, we had several local and international speakers-experts.

The conference was divided into 3 main topics/sessions –

1st session “EU perspective of the small ports’ development”

2nd session “Energy efficiency for boaters and small ports”

3rd session “Developing networks and cooperation”.


If you weren’t able to join us on the spot or online, you can find all the presentations and recording of the conference below.

  • Eleni Hatziyanni’s presentation ”Marine and coastal tourism development and shift after pandemic” is available here
  • Dr. Ioannis Kostopoulos’s presentation “Technology challenges and innovations for marinas” is available here
  • Dick Netterlid’s presentation “Strengthening the regional cooperation around the Baltic Sea” is available here
  • Dr. Minna Keinänen-Toivola’s presentation “CBSMALLPORTS project results” is available here
  • Petri Lahde’s presentation “Energy efficiency solutions for small ports” is available here
  • Philip Easthill’s presentation “European Maritime Agenda” is available here

Recording of the conference – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdU2dgGfKQ0dWV0MAqxMWPI8BY-6acD_F