East Baltic Coast in Hamburg Yachtfestival

Finally, the public event can recover and make a comeback after a long time with Covid-19 and restrictions all over the world.

For the East Baltic Coast team this yachtfestival will be the first boat show after the pandemic.

Hamburg Ancora Yachtfestival is Germany’s largest in-water boat show. The exhibition area at the 5-star Ancora Marina in Neustadt/Holstein offers deep insights into the yachting lifestyle. “More Yacht, More Life” is the new motto of Germany’s largest In-Water boat show with planned 180 exhibitors, 85 pagodas, and a total area of around 56,000 square metres.

And East Baltic Coast team will be there and take part with practical advice about sailing and planning your trip here.

You can check all the information and participants, and other useful things on the boat show homepage – https://www.yachtfestival.de/en/