Haven Kakumäe Marina is a modern seaside leisure centre for the whole family and a perfect place to relax after a long sea journey. The marina is ranked among five-star harbours, and Tallinn city centre is easily accessible from it. Nearby is a zoo, the Estonia Open Air Museum and a large shopping centre. In summertime you can relax on Kakumäe beach and enjoy water sports like windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing and stand-up paddle boarding.

Kakumäe Marina is easy to enter in all weather conditions. From Suurupi 3 safe water buoy (59°29.99′ N; 24°32.65′ E; RW LFL W 10 s) follow line 133,0 marked by Kopli Front light beacon (Iso R 4 s) and Kopli Rear light beacon (Iso R 4 s). From WP1 (50°27.68′ N; 24°37.50′ E) steer to WP2 (59°27.04′ N; 24°36.25′ E), Kakumäe Marina’s north pier. Kakumäe harbour light beacon (FI (2) G 4 s) and two red lateral buoys mark safe entry fairway in the south.