Latvian harbours seeking cooperation opportunities


Latvian harbours are ready to make new connections. Harbours are searching for opportunities and cooperation possibilities to enter the international market, starting from our neighboring countries and countries next to the Baltic sea.
While looking around, we found a new connection – in April in Latvia we had a visit from Fredrik Barthold, the founder of dockspot.com.Dockspot.com is a site for booking and doing payments for marinas. The site is the most popular marinas booking system in Sweden and now also Europe and the USA have shown a great deal of interest in being part of the dockspot.com network.

As for Latvian harbours – harbour masters see this as a great possibility to enter a bigger market so we are continuing negotiations and hoping that soon also Latvian harbours will be part of this network.

Check-out their home page, it might be useful to you too! https://www.dockspot.com/