57°19’00.8″ N
.      24°24’02.6″ E

Liepaja Marina

4 m

Liepaja Marina

Number of berths:

  • Some of the services are not available due to the construction works at the port territory.

Skulte port

* Depths and heights measures in metres, in reference to mean sea level (BHS-77)


In the 19th century, on the seacoast of Skulte, a small village was formed. It received it’s title of Zvejniekciems, meaning the village of fishermen. Between Skulte Port and Saulkrasti Beach is the stony seaside of Zvejniekciems. It is a place for creative spirits, where you can draw inspiration from the reflections of summer, listen to the soft whispering of pine trees in autumn, or be alone with your thoughts in the icy air of winter or the hopeful spring.

The port’s entrance can be recognized by the chimney silhouette. The fairway from buoy “S” (57°19.199′ N; 24°21.813′ E) to the port’s gate is marked with a coloured guiding light or sector light (RWG, Dir 099.5°). When passing through the cargo area, stay closer to the Aģe River’s left (S) coast. The marina is located behind the fishing quays and offers mooring places with a depth of 3.7 m. With a long-term East wind direction, the depth can change up to 1 m. Before arrival at the port, please apply in advance.